About Kaş

Cultural Heritage

Kaş, one of the unspoilt resorts of the Mediterranean, is a charming port town located on the coastline stretching from Antalya to Fethiye. West at the point where the steep slopes of the Taurus Mountains meet the sea; It is surrounded by peninsulas, islets and its neighbor Meis Island.

Kaş’s name is claimed to be Habessos in 2000 B.C. According to an inscription found in the city and written in two different languages, it was built on Antiphellos, the old port city of the Central Lycia Region, in ancient times. It was called Andifli until the beginning of the 20th century. It developed into a rich, self-sufficient city thanks to the trade of cedar trees and acorns obtained from the forests of the region and sponge diving.

One of the most striking monuments among the historical ruins of Kaş is the one we encounter on Uzun Çarşı Street and dates back to B.C. It is a sarcophagus dating back to the 4th century. While wandering around the city, it is possible to come across many rock tombs, sarcophagi and tomb monuments called “Mausoleion”.

On the side of the elevation, called the Acropolis, facing Meis Island, you can see the remains of well-crafted city walls that have survived to the present day. In the west of the city, the theater of Antiphellos, dating back to the Hellenistic Period, is quite intact.

Besides its historical monuments, Kaş is a natural paradise: Big Gravel, Small Gravel and Akçagerme and Kaputaş beaches located on the Kalkan road are places where you can cool off in their crystal clear waters. Also, we should not forget the ancient city of Sebeda and Limanağzı Beach, the second harbor of Antiphellos, which can only be reached by sea and walking route. While you can go to Kekova (Simena), where nature and history are integrated, by boat, you can go to Üçağız (Theimioussa) by land and then visit the sunken city and pearl-like bays by motorboat or sea kayak. Among the caves around Kaş, the Blue Cave, Aşırlı Island Sea Cave, Kekova Island Sea Cave, Güvercinlik Cave, famous for its pigeons, Hıdrellez Cave with its hairless bats and the ruins of the holy spring are noteworthy.

Kaş, where interest as a center for nature activities increases day by day, is on its way to becoming the most important diving center in the Mediterranean. It deserves this attention with its variable coastal structure, ancient shipwrecks and amphoras, modern ship and plane wrecks, reefs, canyons and caves, and a clear and turquoise sea enriched by fauna and flora, where most of the restricted areas are open to diving, and where there are no strong currents.

The region also offers exciting options for those who want to do canoeing, one of the most popular water sports of recent years. Sea kayaking is possible in the unique bays of Kaş (Antiphellos-Sebeda) and Kekova (Theimioussa-Simena), which are adorned with historical and natural beauties, and river canoeing is also possible in the calm flowing waters of Eşen and Dalaman streams.

Kaş is also extremely suitable for paragliding activity in terms of its climatic conditions and landforms. Paragliding enthusiasts can leave themselves on the shores of clear waters, watching the magnificent Kaş Archipelago, while gliding through the green mountains accompanied by experienced instructors.