Must-See Places to Visit in Kas

Kekova Island and Kalekoy

Kekova is a town in the Demre district of Antalya province and a region that encompasses a magnificent natural and historical area that also bears its name. Kekova is famous for its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and is particularly noted for its historical richness. The region offers a unique experience to its visitors with its natural beauties, ancient city ruins, sunken cities from centuries ago and pristine sea.

One of the most well-known features of Kekova is the ruins of the ancient city around the island, which are underwater. The ancient city of Simena in particular offers a fascinating historical journey for visitors to Kekova. There are tombs, walls, theater ruins and many other historical monuments dating back hundreds of years. Kekova can be reached in two ways. By boat tours from the sea; (The boats depart at 10:00 and follow a tour route covering the whole day. It is approximately an eight-hour tour. If you wish, the hotel reception can make a reservation for you)


By land transportation; The distance is 36 km and those who have a personal vehicle can follow the road route towards Antalya and then reach from the Kekova turnoff. Üçağız village is the destination. You can visit the region with daily boat tours.

Meis Island

My small Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizon)

Meis Island, located southwest of Kas district, is one of the closest Greek islands to Turkey. Meis Island, known as “Kastellorizo” in Greek, has a rich historical and cultural heritage. There are historical churches, old harbors, Ottoman-era buildings and other historical monuments on the island. Among them is the port town known as “Megisti”, famous for its historic architecture. You can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine on Meis Island. Fish and seafood play an important role in the island’s culinary culture. You can also find Greek appetizers and other traditional dishes at local restaurants.

Transportation to the island is provided by daily ferries during the summer period. The ticket price is 35.-Euro per person, round trip. Shengen visa is mandatory. It is included in the newly introduced easy visa scheme covering ten islands. Visa procedures can be applied from our district. More information can be obtained from the hotel reception.


Saklikent National Park

Saklıkent National Park, commonly known as Saklıkent Canyon, is the canyon formed by the Karaçay, a tributary of the Eşen Stream, which lines the border between Antalya and Muğla. It is 18 km long and 200 m high. The narrowest part is up to 2 meters. The distance from the center is 65 km. Daily Jeep Safari Tours are organized to Saklikent National Park. It is among the most preferred tours.


Patara Ancient City and Beach

Patara City, the Hellenistic capital of Lycia. Built as a port city in its time, the city lost its harbor feature as the sand between it and the sea filled with sand over the centuries. The city, which gained an important place in the Mediterranean maritime trade, achieved great prosperity in a short time. The Assembly Building of the Lycian Union, located in the ancient city of Patara, is recognized as the world’s first surviving assembly building. When you come to visit the ancient city of Patara, you can also see Patara Beach, Turkey’s longest beach, famous for its caretta carettas. The distance between the ancient city of Patara and Patara beach is 1 km. It is enough to pay a single entrance fee for the ruins and the beach.


Historical Lycian Cities

There are many historical Lycian cities on the Teke Peninsula where Kaş district is located. The city of Antiphellos, on which Kaş is built, is one of the important port cities of the Lycian Civilization. Phellos, Patara, Xantos, Myra, Simena, Letton, Tlos, Pinara and others stand out according to their distance and preference.